1. About the game

    1. The game takes place in the fictional world of Leoram, in the early Middle Ages.

    2. The game does not pretend to be historic but only is inspired by the chosen era.

    3. The time in the game is not synchronized with the real one.

    4. The project is aimed primarily at researching AI and its behavior in a dynamic environment.

2. Gold rules

  1. No fantasy genre

  2. Your every action passes through the consciousness of the character you are controlling. This means that not every action you take can be performed immediately.

  3. The player can interact with the world only through the character and his senses. If your character is blind, you will only have to rely on hearing and touch.

  4. Communication takes place using the "Information" model, so if a player knows about something that will allow him to gain an advantage in the game, it does not mean that he will be able to take advantage of it, since his character does not know anything about it.

  5. Characters die once and for all

  6. Each character has his own consciousness, which means that he lives and acts at his own discretion, regardless of whether you are online or not.

  7. Each character of Leoramus can be controlled by the player, no matter what his position or property.

  8. Everything without exception can be destroyed.

  9. Limited resources (irreplaceable)

  10. The player in no way can find out by means of the game who the other player is playing or who is controlled by the player's character.

  11. Navigation in the game is based on identification marks only. The map is drawn by hand in the game itself, as if you were doing it in real life.

  12. The character of the character is contained in his neural network. This means that a character cannot be 100% greedy or noble, and these traits can change in the process.

  13. Any object acts as money in the game. Trading takes place on barter (you give me this, and I give this to you)